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Training a Service Dog to see Star Wars (spoiler free)

Jan 03 2016

A short guide on training a service dog to be able to attend movies and plays with you.  The usual disclaimers apply; no one approach works for training every dog and only those with service dogs should take their companions to the movies unless the theater is pet friendly. 


Jan 01 2016

Hello there, I am the magical Nibbitz. I know that I am really bad at remembering to blog, but I am going to make a real effort to start doing it more.

SALE INFO [and an egg]

Jul 08 2015

So! Now that Nibbitz' hand has healed up, her office is organized and we are ready to to go!

Minor Updates! PRIDE SALE

Jun 28 2015

First of all, I want everyone to know that Nibbitz is practically an anime protagonist and it's hilarious.

Beautiful Flowers Coming Soon To A Necklace Near You!

Jun 25 2015

Now these I adore, they are so lovely and look so nice with some of my dresses. Now mine is rather plain, [memo to self, pout for a pretty green one!] but I love to wear it with my brown dress. Made with or without the etched petals and in a variety of colors, here are a few that Nibbitz have already crafted.

Just a heads up on a cute addition

May 30 2015

Hey all! BlackSalts here with a little update. I thought I'd share something Nibbitz has been working on. These aren't up on Etsy yet but are very nearly there so I figured I'd give you all a sneak peak!

Fairy Lights

May 10 2015

I'm not ashamed to claim this one was totally my idea! I don't have proper pictures of what it was supposed to be but Nibbitz wasn't paying attention and managed to put something on the wrong ring and it was standing up and I said 'hey it looks like a cool flower! You should make more! How big are they? Stick a candle in it!!'